On March 11th, 2020, POTUS 45 declared that we had a national emergency on our hands and that it was time to close the borders and stop the Virus dead in its tracks. My wife was trying desperately to reach me by phone as I was sitting — naked — by the pool at a little naturist resort in Thailand. When I called the help desk at United Airlines, the agent had yet to hear of the presidential decree as the news had just broken on CNN. I could hear her fingers flying over her computer keyboard in an effort…

I love train travel, and I love your writing. You totally capture the unique essence of a train trip. If you ever make it to South Africa, take the overnight train from JNB to Cape Town. Or for that matter... anywhere! :)

Part Two: A Young Naturist Couple “Figures it Out.”

We rolled up to the guard shack that officially marked the end of the road, just a few miles up a one-lane track behind the middle-of-no-place municipality of Middletown, California. Just as we were advised on the phone, an attendant was there to ask us a few questions while we filled out an application for the Heart Consciousness Church, the parent organization of Harbin Hot Springs. …

Part One: Coming of Age… with Nudity

My father sat at the kitchen table, shaking the crease out of his newspaper while nursing his post-dinner coffee.

“Looks like they’ve finally chased off those nekkid hippies out by the bridge — once and for all! They should all put their clothes on and go get a job!”

I sat quietly, picking at my Hamburger Helper. It was 1978. I was fifteen years old. I finally summoned up the courage to sheepishly utter a question, “So, what’s the big deal? Where are the naked people? And why is everyone so angry?”

Wohler Bridge, Russian River, California

I knew damn well what the deal was…

The Meandering Naturist

Married, father of three, musician, dog-lover, foodie, wine snob. And OH! We like naked travel. www.meanderingnaturist.com

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